be Friendly Books 1I just finished reading “Green Jobs: A guide to Eco-Friendly Employment” by Bronwyn Llewellyn. I run a green jobs blog as well as a green jobs job board so I read several books like this per week. I must say that this is one of the better books in the category if not the best. Green jobs are all the rage right now and the author does a great job of explaining what green jobs are and more importantly how to get one. The author combines useful job search tips with an explanation of the importance of helping the environment. His passion for the subject spilled out onto the pages and helped draw me in to keep reading.

The best part of the book for me besides the ton of useful knowledge, was the easy to read and easy to follow format. I also like the fact the author presented a lot of information regarding the Internet and how it could help in the search for green jobs. He even provides website links for his readers.

If I can offer one criticism it would be that the book did have some dated information and was not the most cutting edge book on the subject matter. A great deal of the book was spent on talking about older “green” topics like recycling instead of the future of green jobs like, renewable energy jobs, solar and wind, and bio-fuels.